St. Anna Kirche

Baroque jewel in the centre of the music capital Vienna

By stepping into the St. Anne church for the first time you are filled with deliberate astonishment and silence. The full splendour of Baroque art is spreading out and the reverential silence in front of the altar expulses entirely the city noise from one moment to the next. One glance follows the next, each step inside is quieter. Here gold-plated and playful elements, there pictorial ceiling frescoes, unique altar paintings, which claim more than just a moment for itself.

A quick visit turns out to be unique experience. The church impresses its visitor with its modest size and perfect harmony of colours. It is no coincidence that St. Anne’s church is considered one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Vienna. The three ceiling frescoes, the altar painting and the frescoes of Franz Xaver’s chapel were created by Daniel Gran (1694 – 1757). The “Anna Selbdritt“, positioned in the chapel is ascribed to Veit Stoß and the beautiful side altar pictures are from Wiener Schmidt.

Church concerts in historical ambience

The St. Anne church was built already in 1518 and 1897 the “Oblates of St. Francis de Sales” have taken over the services in the church and later they received the ownership. The whole interior design was arranged by Christoph Tausch and we owe the unique and impressive atmosphere probably to him, as it is perfectly suited for church concerts.

This and other churches are older than many of today presented pieces of music, which contributed to the creation of music pieces by some composers, to be performed specially in such type of spaces. These works consider the acoustic and spatial design, thus the tones are not mingled. The result is a devout evidence of classical art, which stands out extraordinary well in this sacred ambience.