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Demanding chamber music in baroque ambience as a complete complete work of art at affordable prices

To revive chamber music in authentic atmosphere and intimate environment was our initial dream. We have always had two fundamental goals:

  • To enrich the concert experience of Vienna visitors and music lovers with top-class performed chamber music, including numerous musical repertoires from Viennese and in Vienna lived composers,
  • To provide an appropriate venue, which copes with the greatness of these works.


Our music cycle was launched in October 2011 with “Vivaldi Exclusive – Four Seasons and More”. Anyone who has ever heard the “Four Seasons” knows about the stirring music that Vivaldi has created here. Further violin concerts of the Italian maestro were held at St. Anne church and it was a complete success.

In March 2012 the concert series were renamed as “Classic Exclusive-Concerts in St. Anne Church” and henceforth continued to work with several composers who are firmly anchored in the Viennese classical scene. We restage selected, whole works for string quartets and chamber music by Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Bach. In addition to the concert series we perform on selected days chamber music repertoires with period instruments from the XVIII-XIX century.

We deploy musicians in our ensembles who play in prestigious Viennese orchestras, in order to present jointly the highlights of the Viennese classics. To find an appropriate venue, which justifies the musical works, was and is still considered as very important aspect to us. The interior architecture of the St. Anne Church emphasizes acoustically and in a wonderful way the enjoyable sounds of the masterful music.